Mega Illusion show

Mega illusion is a large scale illusion performed for a live audience. It is suitable for any audience size. This show features rising of girl above the ground level, two people changing places in less than a second, an elephant vanishing in a puff of smoke etc. This category of magic is performed by a troupe of 15 members conjuring the audience for 3 hours with their unique performances. It can also be referred to as manipulation of inanimate objects. So what’s “Mega” about these shows? The objects used are huge and practically impossible to imagine them getting lifted or move in just a blink of an eye. BS Reddy will leave you stunned with his miracles when he comes to perform at a mega illusion show.

Illusion or Reality

Witness the impossible with mind blowing acts of levitation, see people cut into half and effects that will shock, stun and amaze you with an action packed evening of mind blowing entertainment. BS Reddy typically walks around and mingles with people doing magic tricks in an intimate setting right before people’s eyes. His perfect blend of charm, youth and humor makes him a very fun loving and non intrusive addition to a social gathering. These conjuring acts are also performed by a team of 8 members with a run time of 90 minutes.

Stage Magic

A stage Magic performed by Mr. Reddy is a combination of Modern and Classical Magic performed for a large group of audience. There are misconceptions that stage is required for a stage magic show, this ideally is not the case every time. It is important to keep in mind that stage is not necessarily needed for a stage magic show. The show can be customized depending upon the type of audience (all age groups included) and lasts for a maximum of 1 hour. Examples of various stage magic performances can be such as, making an elephant disappear, cutting a volunteer in half, sticking swords into a box containing a person, the magician locking himself into a trunk and the assistant emerging. Stage shows can be performed anywhere be it banquet halls, restaurants, ball rooms and many more places. With hundreds of stage shows already under BS Reddy’s belt he has now mastered the art of keeping a large crowd’s attention. A stage magic show is perfect for a large variety of events. Today, stage magic show is a big chunk of large magic genre.

Corporate Magic

BS Reddy today is the most success magician among the corporates. Reddy’s magic is perfectly suited for your next corporate event. Corporate magic is designed to cater to business meets and various social gatherings. He can hop from table to table with his amazing magic tricks for all your guests to see. To make it more real and engaging the audience is involved to perform in the performance. This is one the ways various MNC’s have been approaching BS Reddy in order to help them improve their employee engagement through his shows. He has been conducting remarkable events of all kinds such as corporate meetings, product launches, trade shows or consumer events. Pure motivational entertainment is what he provides to empower the employees to let go off self-defeating attitudes. The entire event offers a unique power packed optical illusion systems for corporates which he has regularly been using for many corporate events in India. BS Reddy has performed at countless corporate events and he has mastered the art of making the corporates laugh and be amazed. Make sure you book BS Reddy for your next networking event.

Product Launching

Product launch is a very important part of the branding strategy and this clubbed with a new creative magic altogether would add more spice to the curry. Companies always look for new and creative ways to sell their products in the market today and they have been approaching BS Reddy who has been inspiring and entertaining the people at a budget friendly fee in various product launch events. Always remember that a product that suits the eyes is bought by the heart. Thus, launch your product with a touch of illusion. There is no better way to sell the product by launching it with a ‘WOW’ factor. BS Reddy’s unique ideas and illusions are continuously being used for various product launch events today. His props and techniques that he uses to fascinate people have today found a place in popular brand names.

Close-up Magic

It is generally a very interactive magic even that will be performed for a few people, or even one person, at a time. It is more or less a walk around magic. Performed right in front of you the magic often takes place in the spectator’s hands. The props used are small things that are easy to carry, such as cards, coins and elastic bands. Usually perfect for a small gathering of 8-10 people. Mr. Reddy’s mesmerizing act will surely entertain your guests and make it a memorable fun event in front of your eyes. It involves BS Reddy walking and sitting with people and performing his various acts. This kind of strolling magic event is recommended for people who do not want to cut out a specific chunk of their time during the event for a show and instead work it in throughout the event.

Natural magic

BS Reddy holds the power to perform some natural magic techniques where with his magical powers of physical substances- herbs, stones, resins and metals by making uses of these material reflections and hence dispenses particular powers. Thus lets a herb is hung on the wall, it brings energies of various planets into play in a particular situation.

Street magic

BS Reddy is a quirky innovator known for his street magic techniques across the streets of Vizag. He has been successful in proving himself as an enduring artist al together. Tricks such as been buried, starved and all kinds of endurance has helped him achieve Guinness World Record.