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Dr. B.S. Reddy the illusionist is a self made man who was brought up from a family of no magicians and has been making a name for himself all over the world. To add to more surprises, he is an inherent artist in himself. A child prodigy, who stepped into the world of magic at a young age of little less than 10, says that performing magic was always his first passion. BS Reddy is the receiver of “OSCAR OF MAGIC”, also called the international merlin award as the most magical Illusionist, 2016. The Oscar of magic aka the Merlin award is the highest in itself and is most honored in the field of magicians. What Oscar if for movies is Merlin for the magicians! The award was presented to him by president of the international magician society, Tonny Hassini along with a life time membership of the society.

At present, BS Reddy has successfully completed 25 years in the field of magic and continues to leave people bewildered with his wonderful tricks. He is considered a world class magician today in India as he delivers his magical performance with a touch of elegance in his presentation. His command and uniqueness in the art of magic is something that is the secret of his success till date. He completely stands out today in the society of magicians and is a star magician worldwide who is all set to amaze you every day with his spectacular world class acts. He never ceases to amaze people. He is a celebrity and a popular figure in Vizag and the most talented stage magician in the world. He is known for his unique, dynamic collection of visually exciting magical effects and appearances for some of the most prestigious stage shows. He is a treat to watch, people laugh at his antics while his illusions generally leave people speechless as they try make sense of the tricks that he performs right in front of the eyes.

He is a very well-known magician who has won lot of appreciation and accolades for his grand art. He has had his share of large number of successes in the techniques of modern magic to his credit thus bringing laurels to his city Vishakapatnam by winning awards not only at the state and national levels but at the international level also. His uniqueness in the art of magic comes from the process of unlearning and learning new and better techniques and updating himself continuously. It is like kaizen, the phenomenon of continuous improvement that I go through every day, he adds. His expertise lies in the conjuring and illusion branches of magic as he has carved out a niche for himself at the national and international platforms through his stage performances in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

His perseverance and hard work has made him achieve a touch of elegance in his presentations and performances as he recently gave a masterpiece performance that left everybody thinking in Australia at India Fest, 2016. He is a proven entertainer and a performer with a talent to grab the audience’s attention to pursue the magic. He believes that when the audience blindly believes in magic is when the entire process becomes a charming form of entertainment. A versatile performer, Mr. Reddy has of late developed acts to suit any occasion or situation and this could be substantiated when Dr ABJ Abdul Kalam sent him a letter of appreciation with his best wishes from the Rashtriya PatiBhavan in August 2004.

The Super Star Of Indian Magic BS Reddy who received one of the highest awards i.e. The Guinness World Records in July 2016, goes with an aim to perform every day, to remind the word that there is still wonder left in the world. Bringing his journey right from his child hood school days, his core idea of being a magician is to amuse people and give them a break from the daily grind.

No wonder Mr Reddy is a responsible citizen of India, who is a part of quite a few social service organizations in Vizag. He was earlier the president of Rotaract Club. Today he trains youngsters so that they gain confidence in their tricks and know who to handle the crisis in a smart way incase the trick goes wrong. One mistake and it could be the end of the show and a career for a magician. BS Reddy, the founder of India Magic Academy and the Illusionist from Vishakapatnam, today performs with a set team of 15 member’s globally with the ultimate aim to entertain the audience no matter what and bring a smile to their face with an element of surprise.

Succeeding in magic is directly correlated to the magicians’ hard work and a bit of luck as each person in the audience reacts differently to the tricks. He is the first Indian to receive the award of “The Most original Illusionist” and has several articles on performing magic under his name. He has stunned the world by his extraordinary magic and illusion skills.

Reddy has also been seen on television shows on MTV. In addition, his resume is lined with features on various news and radio outlets and Vizag journalist forums.